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Tips Choosing A Tax Preparer

The IRS website states to choose a preparer you will be able to contact and one who will be responsive to your needs. Having the ability to call throughout the year, no matter when is very important.

Ask who will actually prepare the return before engaging services. Avoid firms where your work may be delegated down to someone with less training or some unknown worker. You should know exactly who works with your tax matters at all times and how to contact him or her,  after all you are paying for it.

Itís important for taxpayers to find qualified tax professionals.  Unqualified tax preparers may overlook legitimate deductions or credits that could cause clients to pay more tax than they should. Unqualified preparers may also make costly mistakes causing their clients to incur assessed deficiencies, penalties, and interest.

Our experience spans a diverse range of tax return preparation among various industries.  You can be assured we are competent in the industry in which you work, or operate your business.  You will always work directly with an experienced representative.

How do you take advantage of all the tax credits the government is pushing?  Stay close with your tax professional.  Making good tax decisions is as important as ever.  It is important to stay close with your tax professional. Having the ability to call throughout the year, no matter when it may be, is very important.

The mission is to provide professional accounting, consulting and tax services to individuals and small business including their employees and families. We are dedicated to providing quality services that provide exceptional value to our clients, in a socially responsible manner, while all stake holders benefit from our continued success.

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